第1題 How do you spell your first name? 怎麼拼你的名字?

第2題 Do you go to restaurants? Why or why not?你常去餐廳用餐嗎?為什麼或為何不去?

第3題 Do you like to travel? Why or why not? 你喜歡旅遊嗎?為什麼或為何不喜歡?

第4題 What do you do for fun? 你喜歡的娛樂是什麼?

第5題 What TV show do you like to watch the most? Why?你最喜歡的電視節目是什麼?

第6題 How many people are there in your family? 你家中有幾個成員呢?

第7題 Do you enjoy fast food? Why or why not?你喜愛速食嗎?為什麼或為何不?

第8題 Do you like going shopping? Why or why not?你喜歡購物嗎?為什麼或為何不?

第9題 When is your birthday? 你的生日是什麼時候?

第10題 What did you do last night?你昨晚做了什麼?

第11題 Do you play baseball? Why or why not?你打棒球嗎?為什麼或為何不?

第12題 What kind of music do you like the best? Why?你最喜歡什麼類型的音樂?為什麼?

第13題 Where were you born?你的出生地在哪?

第14題 Who is the most unforgettable person in your life? 生命中最難忘的人?

第15題 What is the last movie you watched? 最近看過哪一部電影?

第16題 Who is your best friend? What is he or she like? 誰是你最好的朋友?他或她是怎樣的人呢?

第17題 What holiday is your favorite? Why? 你最喜歡的節日?為什麼?

第18題 Where do your grandparents live?你的祖父母住哪?

第19題 What are you wearing today? 你今天穿什麼呢?

第20題 How often do you watch TV? What do you usually watch?你常看電視嗎?你通常看什麼?

第21題 How do you get to school? How long does it take to get there? 你怎麼上學的?要花多久呢?

第22題 How do you feel when you get the flu? 當你得流感時你感覺如何?

第23題 Do you like reading? Why or why not? 你喜歡閱讀麼?為什麼或為何不?

第24題 Do you like comic books? Why or why not? 你喜歡漫畫書嗎?為什麼或為何不?

第25題 What day is today? 今天星期幾?

第26題 What did you have for breakfast this morning? 今天早上你吃什麼?

第27題 What is your favorite color? 你最喜歡的顏色?為什麼?

第28題 What special things do people usually do during Chinese New Year? 中國新年人們通常會做什麼?

第29題 What's the weather like in your hometown? 你家鄉的天氣如何?

第30題 What's your favorite dessert? 你最喜歡的點心是什麼?

Learn something new every day!

第31題 When do you wash your face? 你何時洗臉呢?

第32題 Where are you going this weekend? What will you do there? 這週末你將去哪?你將在那裡做什麼?

第33題 Where do you usually go shopping? 你通常去哪購物呢?

第34題 Where is Kaohsiung? Is it far from your home? 高雄在哪?離你家遠嗎?

第35題 Which season do you like the best? Why? 你最喜愛的季節?為什麼?

第36題 Your friend is speaking too quickly. What would you say to him? 當你的朋友講話太快了,你會對他說什麼?

第37題 There is going to be an exhibit at the museum. 即將舉辦的展覽,你會詢問什麼?

第38題 How much time do you usually spend eating breakfast in the morning? 通常你會花多少時間吃早餐?

第39題 A person calls one phone and wants to talk to your sister but she is not at home. 有人打電話找你的妹妹但她不在

第40題 There is a dog following you from school. What will you do? 放學時有隻狗跟著你,你將怎麼做?

第41題 How was the traffic on your way here? 你來這裡的交通如何?

第42題 Do you like riding a bicycle? 你喜歡騎腳踏車嗎?

第43題 Tell me about your hometown. 描述你的家鄉

第44題 Do you think TV is good for children? 你認為電視對孩子有益嗎?

第45題 How do you go to school every day? 你每天如何上學?

第46題 Is your family a big one or a small one? 我家是小家庭還是大家庭?

第47題 Describe your living room at home. 描述你家的客廳。

第48題 If you had to live in either Kaohsiung or Taipei, which one would you choose? 如果你必須選擇住高雄或台北,你會選擇哪裡?

第49題 Do you often go to the movies? Why or why not? 你常去看電影嗎?為什麼或為何不?

第50題 Do you think it's okay for guys to grow long hair? 你認為男生留長髮好嗎?

第51題 Have you ever been to a concert? 你曾經去過演唱會嗎?

第52題 How do you usually celebrate your birthday? 你通常如何慶祝生日?

第53題 What is your favorite sport? 你最喜歡的運動是什麼?

第54題 When do you usually go to bed? 你通常何時睡覺?

第55題 Your sister Linda got a love letter. You are very curious about it. What would you ask her? 你的妹妹收到一封情書,你會跟他問什麼?

第56題 Do you play video games when you are free? 你有空時會玩電動嗎?

第57題 Do you keep a pet? 你養寵物嗎?

第58題 Your friend, Brian, will not be here next semester. What will you say to him? 你的同學下學期將離開了,你會對他說什麼?

第59題 Where do you usually go after school? 放學後你通常去哪?

第60題 How often do you go to the convenience store? 你多久會去便利商店呢?

第61題 You are waiting for the bus. Suddenly, someone pushes you. What would you say to him? 等公車時突然有人推你,你會對他說什麼?

第62題 Which subject do you like more, English or Chinese? Please explain why. 哪個科目你較喜歡,英語或國語?請解釋

第63題 How do you usually celebrate your birthday? 你通常如何慶祝生日?

第64題 You want to talk to your friend George on the phone. What will you say to the person who answers the phone? 你打電話找朋友,你會對接電話的人說什麼?

第65題 You are at a store buying something, but you want a better price. What would you say to the salesperson? 當你購物時你希望能打折,你會對店員說什麼?

第66題 A friend gives you an expensive gift that you really like. What would you say to him or her? 朋友送了你很喜歡的禮物給你,你會對他說什麼?

第67題 What are your future plans? 你的未來計畫是什麼?

第68題 You get lost trying to get to the bus station. Ask someone for directions. 當要去公車站時你迷路了,要如何問路呢?

第69題 You are at a hospital visiting a sick friend. What would you say when you are ready to leave? 你在醫院探訪生病的朋友,當你要離開時你會對他說什麼?

第70題 Tell me about your parents. 談談你的父母

第71題 What do you do? 你的職業?

第72題 What would you do if you found a cockroach in your soup at a restaurant? 當在餐廳用餐時,你發現一隻蟑螂在你的湯裡你會怎麼辦?

第73題 If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why? 如果你可以選擇任何地方去旅行,你會去哪?

第74題 At a restaurant, you order spaghetti, but the waiter serves you fried rice by mistake. What do you do? 當在餐廳用餐時,服務生搞錯了送來的食物不是你點的。你會怎麼辦?

第75題 Your friend doesn't look well. What do you say to them? 你的朋友看起不舒服,你會對他們說什麼?

第76題 Your friend invites you to go out for dinner, but you can't go. What do you say? 你的朋友邀請你外出吃晚餐。你會說什麼?

第77題 Do you sort your trash? Why or why not? 你會做垃圾分類嗎?

第78題 Do you keep a diary? 你寫日記嗎?

第79題 You must go to Taipei with your grandfather on the train immediately. What would you say to the person at the ticket booth? 你必須和爺爺立刻搭火車去台北,你會對售票人員說什麼?

第80題 You are at KFC for lunch. After ordering, you can't find an empty table. What would you do? 你在肯德基用午餐,點餐後卻發現沒有空位。你會怎麼辦?

第81題 Tell me about one of your hopes. 說說你其中的一個願望。

第82題 You are waiting for a friend and they are late. They finally arrive and say they are sorry. How do you respond? 當朋友遲到了也對你說抱歉了,你的回應是什麼?

第83題 Are you scared of any sort of bugs? 你害怕什麼蟲蟲嗎?

第84題 What do you do when you feel sad? 當你難過時你會做什麼?

第85題 How many times do you brush your teeth in a day? 你一天刷幾次牙?

第86題 Who is your best friend? Why? 誰是你最要好的朋友?為什麼?

第87題 You meet your friend's friend for the first time. Her name is Connie. What would you say to her? 你第一次跟你朋友的朋友見面。他的名字叫Connie。你會對他說什麼?

第88題 If you needed assistance from someone, how would you ask them for help?如果你需要有人幫忙,你會怎麼尋求幫忙呢?

第89題 Can you cook anything? If so, what can you make?你會煮東西嗎?如果會,你會煮什麼?

第90題 While you are watching a movie, your father asks you to go to the store for him. What would you do?當你正在看部電影,你爸要你去商店買東西。你會怎麼做?

第91題 Do you have cable TV at home?你家有第四台嗎?(有線電視)

第92題 Who do you look up to?你尊敬誰呢?

第93題 How do you improve your English conversation skills?你如何改進你的英語會話能力?

第94題 You get home one night and realize you are locked out. You don't have your keys and no one is home. What would you do?有一天晚上妳到家時發覺你被鎖在門外。你沒帶鑰匙而且家中無人。你可能會怎麼做?

第95題 If your friend failed an important test, what would you say to make him or her feel better?如果你的朋友考試不及格,你會對他說什麼安慰他或她?

第96題 If your friends came to see you at home, what would you say to make them feel relaxed?如果你的朋友到你家看你,你會說什麼讓他們覺得自在呢?

第97題 How can we become healthier?我如變更健康呢?

第98題 You see an old friend that you haven't seen for many years. What do you say to him?你見到一個多年不見得老友,你會對他說什麼話?

第99題 What would you say to introduce a good friend to your father?你會說什麼來介紹你的好友給你父親認識呢?

第100題 When you give someone a present, what should you say to them?當你送禮給人時,你會說什麼?

第101題 What would you do if someone took your seat in the movie theater?在電影院裡,如果有人坐了你的位子,你會怎麼辦?

第102題 Give a short introduction of yourself.請你簡短的自我介紹一下。

第103題 There is a phone call for your father, but he isn't at home. What would you say to the caller?有人打電話找你父親,但他不在。你會跟打電話的人說什麼?

第104題 You are studying at the library. The boys at the next table are talking loudly. What would you do?你正在圖書館唸書,坐在隔壁桌的男孩子們講話很大聲。你會怎麼做?

第105題 What time do you get up on Sundays?週日你都幾點起床?

第106題 What would you do if the electricity went out while you were taking a bath?當你正在浴室洗澡時,突然停電了你會怎麼辦?

第107題 What would you do if your friend looked upset?如果你的朋友看起來心情不是很好你會怎麼辦?

第108題 What would you do if you won a million dollars?如果你贏得一百萬元你會怎麼做?

第109題 Do you like to play computer games? Why or why not?你喜歡玩電腦遊戲嗎?為什麼?或為什麼不?

第110題 Do you have any credit cards? Why or why not?你有信用卡嗎?為什麼?或為什麼不?

第111題 You are at a friend’s house for a visit. It is time to go. What would you say?你到朋友家拜訪,該離開了。你會說什麼?

第112題 If your friend’s pet died, what would you say?你朋友的寵物死了,你會說什麼?

第113題 You’re at the checkout counter of a department store. After the clerk finishes totaling up your items, you realize you forgot your wallet. What would you say to the clerk?你正在百貨公司的收銀檯結帳。在收銀員幫你加總你所購買的商品後,你意識到你忘了帶皮包。你會對收銀員說什麼?

第114題 Does taking this test bother you?參加這次考試會困擾你嗎?

第115題 You are at a steak house for dinner. The waiter asks you, “How would you like your steak done?” How do you answer them?你在牛排館吃晚餐。服務生問「你的牛排要幾分熟?」你會如回應?

第116題 You run into your friend, Paul at supermarket. What would you say to him?你在超市巧遇你的朋友。你會對他說什麼?

第117題 How often do you get your hair cut?你多久剪一次頭髮?

第118題 If you wanted to invite Leo to lunch, what would you say to him?如果你想邀請里歐吃午餐,你會對他說什麼?

第119題 Someone is talking to you, but you don’t understand what they said to you. What do you say to them?有人正跟你講話,但你不了解對方在跟你說什麼。你會跟他們說什麼?