第51題 Have you ever been to a concert? 你曾經去過演唱會嗎?

第52題 How do you usually celebrate your birthday? 你通常如何慶祝生日?

第53題 What is your favorite sport? 你最喜歡的運動是什麼?

第54題 When do you usually go to bed? 你通常何時睡覺?

第55題 Your sister Linda got a love letter. You are very curious about it. What would you ask her? 你的妹妹收到一封情書,你會跟他問什麼?

第56題 Do you play video games when you are free? 你有空時會玩電動嗎?

第57題 Do you keep a pet? 你養寵物嗎?

第58題 Your friend, Brian, will not be here next semester. What will you say to him? 你的同學下學期將離開了,你會對他說什麼?

第59題 Where do you usually go after school? 放學後你通常去哪?

第60題 How often do you go to the convenience store? 你多久會去便利商店呢?


1. 仔細聆聽題目。

2. 試著自己回答。

3. 參考提供的五種回答方式。


第51題 Have you ever been to a concert? 你曾經去過演唱會嗎?


1. Yes, I have been to a concert. I went with my friends last summer to see Jolin. It was awesome. She is a great entertainer.


  • awesome (adj.) 很棒的

  • entertainer (n.) 藝人

2. No, I have never been to a concert. I've heard that they are very loud. They are also too crowded for me.


  • crowded (adj.) 擁擠的

3. Yes, I have been to several concerts. The first concert I saw was Rainie. I went to see her with my mom. It was a great experience.


  • experience (n.) 經驗

4. No, I haven't. I'd like to, but I never have enough free time. Hopefully, I will see one in the future. I'd really like to see SHE perform live.


  • perform (v.) 表演

5. Yes, I have been to one before. I recently saw a Jay Chou concert in Taipei. I had front row seats. It was expensive, but worth it.


  • worth (v.)值得

第52題 How do you usually celebrate your birthday? 你通常如何慶祝生日?


1. Usually, my parents invite all my friends and family over for a party. We have a big meal and play games. My grandma always buys me a birthday cake.


  • invite (v.) 邀請

  • grandma (n.) 奶奶

2. I don't usually do too much. I might go out for a nice meal with my friends and that is about it. I don't like big parties.


3. I invite all my friends to my house on my birthday. We watch scary movies and chat. One of my friends usually brings a cake for me.


  • scary (adj.) 恐怖的

4. I don't like to do anything on my birthday. I don't want to celebrate getting older. It seems crazy to me. Who wants to get old?


  • celebrate (v.) 慶祝

5. I usually go to a KTV with my friends. We sing songs and eat snacks all night long. It is so much fun.


  • snack (n.) 點心

第53題 What is your favorite sport? 你最喜歡的運動是什麼?


1. My favorite sport is basketball. I like to play it and watch it on TV. My favorite team is the Miami Heat. I watch all of their games.


  • favorite (adj.) 最喜歡的

2. I like baseball more than any other sport. To me, it is fun to watch and it is even more fun to play. I play twice a week with the local team.


  • local (adj.) 當地的

3. Badminton is my favorite sport. I like it because you can play anywhere. All that you need is a net, 2 rackets and a birdie. I often play it with my father in the park.


  • badminton (n.) 羽毛球

  • rackets (n.) 球拍

  • birdie(n.) 羽球

4. I would say that table tennis is my favorite sport. I have played it for many years. I even play in tournaments sometimes. I am good at it.


  • tournament (n.)錦標賽

5. I don't like sports. They are too competitive for me. Some sports are dangerous, too. I would rather read. No one ever gets hurt reading.


  • competitive (adj.) 有競爭性的

第54題 When do you usually go to bed? 你通常何時睡覺?


1. I usually go to bed around 10:30. If I go to bed any later, I feel tired in the morning. Then I can't concentrate on my studies.


usually (adv.) 通常地

around (prep.) 大約

tired (adj.) 疲累的

concentrate (v.) 專心

2. I go to bed between 9 and 10. My parents make me. I wish that I could stay up later and watch TV.


between (prep.) 在……之間

stay up (ph.) 不睡覺

3. I can't go to bed until my homework is finished. Sometimes it is 1 or 2 a.m. before I get to sleep. I hate going to bed so late.

我的功課如果無法完成便不能上床睡覺。有時是清晨1點或2點我才去睡覺。我討厭這麼晚 睡覺。

finished (adj.) 完成的

homework (n.) 家庭作業

sleep (v.) 睡覺

4. I go to bed at 10 p.m. on school nights and 12 a.m. on weekends. I'm allowed to stay up late on weekends because I don't have to get up early.


weekend (n.) 週末

allow (v.) 允許

5. I go to bed at about 10:45. But, if I don't need to get up early the next day, I can stay up later, like on holidays.


holiday (n.) 假日

第55題 Your sister Linda got a love letter. You are very curious about it. What would you ask her? 你的妹妹收到一封情書,你感到很好奇,你會跟他問什麼?


1. I would ask her, "Who is the letter from? What does it say? Can I read it?"


2. I would ask, "Please tell me what the letter says. I'll clean your room for you."


  • clean (v.)打掃

3. I might ask, "So, who is your new boyfriend? Where is he from? Does he go to your school?"


  • might (aux.)可能

4. I'd probably say, "I'm so happy for you. Can you tell me what he said? When is he coming to see you?"


  • probably (adv.) 可能

5. I would ask something like, "Who sent you a letter? Was it a boy or girl? How old is he or she?"


  • sent (v.)寄

第56題 Do you play video games when you are free? 你有空時會玩電動嗎?


1. Yes. I spend all of my free time playing video games. My father always tells me that I play them too much, but it's the only way I can relax.


  • video game (n.)電動遊戲

  • relax (v.) 放鬆

2.No, I don't play video games when I am free. They are a waste of time. I prefer to exercise or read when I have the time.


  • waste (n.)浪費

  • exercise (v.) 運動

3. Yes, I do. My favorite game is Angry Birds. I play it on my iPad. It is a really fun game. All my friends play it, too.


  • favorite (adj.)最喜歡的

4. I never play video games. I think they are childish. They are also really bad for your eyes.


  • childish (adj.) 幼稚

5. I often play video games in my free time. We have a Wii in our living room. My whole family sometimes plays Wii golf together. I always lose to my dad.


  • golf (n.)高爾夫

  • lose (v.)輸

第57題 Do you keep a pet? 你養寵物嗎?


1. Yes, I do keep a pet. I have a small, black dog. Its name is Spot. He is a very good dog most of the time. But I don't like it when he barks.


keep (v.) 飼養

pet (n.) 寵物

bark (v.) 吠叫

2. No, I don't keep a pet. I'm not allowed to have one, but I want one. Maybe one day, my parents will let me get a cat.


3. Yes, I keep many pets. I have a turtle, a mouse and a cat. I take very good care of them. They are like family to me.


turtle (n.) 烏龜

mouse (n.) 老鼠

take care of (ph.) 照顧

4. No, I don't keep any pets. I really don't like animals that much. They are smelly, messy and a lot of work.


animal (n.) 動物

smelly (adj.) 臭的

messy (adj.) 骯髒的; 混亂的

5. I have some fish. I keep them in a small aquarium. I feed them every morning when I wake up. It is fun to watch them eat.


aquarium (n.) 水族箱

wake up (ph.) 醒來

第58題 Your friend, Brian, will not be here next semester. What will you say to him? 你的同學下學期將離開了,你會對他說什麼?


1. I will say, "I'm going to miss you. Please keep in touch, ok? Don't forget about me!"


  • miss (v.)想念

  • keep in touch (ph.)保持聯絡

  • forget (v.)忘記

2. I will say, "I'm so sad that you are leaving. I hope you come to visit me sometime."


  • visit (v.) 拜訪

3. I might say, "Say it isn't true. I don't know what I'll do without you."


  • without (prep.)沒有

4. I will cry and then say, "Please don't go! You're the best friend that I've ever had."


5. I will say, "Good luck, Brian. Can I get your e-mail address before you go?"


  • address (n.)地址

第59題 Where do you usually go after school? 放學後你通常去哪?


1. After school, I usually go home and eat dinner. Although I sometimes go to the park to play basketball before I go home.


dinner (n.) 晚餐

although (adv.) 雖然

basketball (n.) 籃球

2. I have to go to cram school after school. I go there to study English and do my homework. Then I go home.


cram school (ph.) 補習班

3. I often go to my friend's house after school. We play on-line games at his house. It's lots of fun.


on-line game (ph.) 線上遊戲

4. When school is finished, I usually go to a restaurant to eat dinner. Sometimes my friends go with me and we chat.


restaurant (n.) 餐廳

chat (v.) 聊天

5. After school, my father picks me up and takes me to my music class. It is on the other side of the town.


town (n.) 城鎮

第60題 How often do you go to the convenience store? 你多久會去便利商店呢?


1. I go there about 5 times a week. I buy my breakfast there before I go to school. It is very handy.


  • breakfast (n.)早餐

  • handy (adj)方便的

2.I go to the convenience store twice a week. I stop there after I play basketball to buy sports drinks.


  • convenience store (n.)便利商店

  • sports drinks (n.)運動飲料

3. I only go there about once a month because there isn't one near my house. I like to buy treats there.


  • treats (n.)小點心

4. I usually go to the convenience store every other week. I go there to pay my cell phone bill. Sometimes I buy a treat there, too.


  • bill (n.)帳單

5. I rarely go to the convenience store. It is too expensive to buy anything there. I maybe go there about once or twice a year.


  • rarely (adv.)很少地

  • expensive (adj.)昂貴的