Halibut Point State Park and Halibut Point Reservation are adjacent parcels of conserved, oceanside land located on Cape Ann in the town of Rockport, Massachusetts.

Halibut Point州立公園和Halibut Point保留區位於馬薩諸塞州羅克波特(Rockport)鎮的安角(Cape Ann),毗鄰一片受保護的海邊土地。

So, here we are still in Halibut Point State Park, and a little bit further downhill from where we were in the last video, we're by a portion of the park where there are a lot of rocks. I'm not sure, they might be rocks that were cut from the quarry that ended up down here, but here we are right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and you can see the waves coming in. Some say that the waves are lapping against the shore, crashing against the shore, but it's really nice, you can sort of smell the salt water, smell the ocean breeze, and also enjoy the calming sound of the waves constantly rolling in and then going back out. Yeah, and it's a beautiful scenic spot, especially this time of the year, in early September, to come and enjoy the view.

所以,我們仍然在 Halibut Point State Park,比上一段視頻的拍攝位置再下山一點,我們來到了一個有很多岩石的區域。我不確定,這些岩石可能是從採石場切割下來的,然後掉到這裡的。但無論如何,我們現在正身處大西洋岸邊,可以看到波濤洶湧的海浪。有人說海浪在拍打著海岸,也有人說海浪在撞擊著海岸。但無論如何,這裡都很美妙。你可以聞到鹹鹹的海水味和海風的味道,還可以享受海浪不斷涌入和退出的聲音。是的,這裡是一個美麗的景點,尤其是在這個季節,也就是 9 月初,來這裡欣賞美景真是太好了。


1. What is the location of the speaker in the video?

A. Halibut Point State Park

B. The Atlantic Ocean

C. A quarry

D. A scenic spot

2. What can be inferred about the rocks in the park?

A. They were cut from the quarry.

B. They were brought from another location.

C. They were formed naturally.

D. They were placed there for decoration.

3. How would you describe the sound of the waves?

A. Calming

B. Loud

C. Distracting

D. Silent

4. What can you smell in the area?

A. Salt water

B. Freshwater

C. Flowers

D. Trees

5. When is the best time to visit this spot?

A. Early September

B. Late September

C. Early October

D. Late October

6. What is the main focus of the video?

A. The rocks in the park

B. The sound of the waves

C. The view of the Atlantic Ocean

D. The smell of the ocean breeze

7. What is the speaker's attitude towards the location?

A. Positive

B. Negative

C. Neutral

D. Indifferent

Correct answers:

1. A 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. A 6. C 7. A


1. The rocks in Halibut Point State Park were cut from the quarry.

2. Halibut Point State Park is located by the Pacific Ocean.

3. The waves in Halibut Point State Park crash against the shore.

4. You can smell the salt water in Halibut Point State Park.

5. The waves in Halibut Point State Park only roll in and never go back out.

6. Halibut Point State Park is a popular spot to visit in early September.

7. The park is not located near any body of water.

8. The waves in Halibut Point State Park are very calm.

9. The park is not a scenic spot.

10. The park is not enjoyable to visit in early September.

Correct answers:

1. True

2. False (It is located by the Atlantic Ocean.)

3. True

4. True

5. False (The waves constantly roll in and then go back out.)

6. True

7. False (It is located by the Atlantic Ocean.)

8. False (The waves can be crashing against the shore.)

9. False (It is a scenic spot.)

10. False (It is enjoyable to visit in early September.)