atheism, atheist, apathy, sympathy, theology, biology, modernism, Buddhism,  Buddhist

atheism 無神論     a-「沒有」-the- 「神」 -ism「思想或主義」

Some people believe in atheism; they don’t think God exists.

atheist無神論者    -ist 「信仰某種思想或主義的人」

The atheist was unwilling to attend the church service.

apathy 無感情 .  -pathy 「感情」

My parents do not feel apathy about the election.

sympathy 同情心 .  sym- 「相同的」

The documentary aroused public sympathy for victims of the disaster.

theology 神學   -logy 「研究」

According to Muslim theology there is only one God.

biology 生物學   bio- 「生命」

She has a degree in biology.

modernism 現代主義

In art history, modernism refers to the philosophies of art made in Europe and the United States during a period roughly from the 1860s through the 1970s.

Buddhism 佛教 .   Buddha 佛陀

Who is the founder of Buddhism? 

Buddhist 佛教徒

A Buddhist is the one who follows the teachings of Buddha .


antipathy, antibiotic, antiwar, symphony, symbiosis, phonetic, phonology, microphone, microbiology, microwave

antipathy n.反感 anti- 反 -pathy 感情 

He felt a strong antipathy towards them.

antibiotic adj. 抗菌的 n. 抗生素, 抗菌素 -bio- 生命 

The doctors use a course of antibiotics to clear an infection.

antiwar adj. 反戰的

A peace-loving people is antiwar.

symphony n. 交響樂 sym- 相同的 -phone 聲音 

My little brother had joined a symphony orchestra.

symbiosis n. 共生,合作(互利、 互依)關係 

The bird lives in symbiosis with cattle; it picks insects from their skin to eat.

phonetic adj. 語音的 

People can pronounce a word by following its phonetic symbols.

phonology n. 語韻學 -logy 研究

In order to become an English teacher, he studies phonology at college.

microphone n. 麥克風 micro- 小的 

He is talking into a microphone.

microbiology n. 微生物學 

Microbiology is an important course for a medical student.

microwave n. 微波;微波爐 

Using microwaves to cook is very convenient, but not very healthy.


biography, autobiography, autograph, calligraphy, autocracy, 

democracy,  telegraph, telepathy, telescope, microscope

biography n. 傳記   bio- 生命 –graph 寫作

I have read a biography of Abraham Lincoln.

autobiography n. 自傳 . auto- 自己

Son of Taiwan is Chen Shui-bien’s autobiography.

autograph n. 親筆簽名

Many fans showed up at the airport to get the rock star’s autograph.

calligraphy n. 書法 . calli- 美麗的

Calligraphy is an independent art in China.

autocracy n. 專治政治,獨裁政體 .  -cracy 統治

Autocracy means that a country or state is governed by a single person with unlimited power.

democracy n. 民主(主義,制度) demo- 人民

A true democracy allows free speech.

telegraph n.電報通訊 . tele- 遠方的

Telegraph is the sending of messages by electrical signals.

telepathy n.心電感應

People are particularly interested in phenomena such as telepathy and levitation.

telescope n.(單筒)望遠鏡 .  -scope 看

He looked through his telescope at the approaching ship.

microscope n.顯微鏡

Germs can only be seen with the aid of a microscope. 


geography, geology, geothermal, thermos, thermometer, 

odometer, diameter, dialogue, monologue, monocracy

geography n. 地理學 . geo 地 graph 書寫

History and geography are two basic courses all high school students must take.

geology n. 地質學 .  logy 研究

Geology deals with the makeup of the earth.

geothermal adj. 地熱的 . therm 熱

Geothermal power is a clean energy source.

thermos n. 熱水瓶;保溫瓶

I need a thermos bottle to keep the water warm.

thermometer n. 溫度計  meter 量表

The thermometer reads 96 degrees.

odometer n. (汽車等的)里程表 = mileometer 

“Odometer” is an instrument fitted in a car for measuring the number of miles it 


diameter n. 直徑 dia 穿越

The diameter of a circle is twice the length of its radius.

dialogue n. 對話 log 說話

Plays are written in dialogue.

monologue n. 獨白  mono 單獨

The talk-show host always begins his program with an opening monologue.

monocracy n. 獨裁政治(autocracy)

Monocracy is a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator.


psychology, psychologist, psychic, psycho, psychotherapy, chemotherapy, zoology, astrology, astronaut, astronomy.

psychology n. 心理學  psych 心

He has obtained a degreed in psychology.

psychologist n. 心理學家

He fancies himself a bit of a psychologist.

psychic n. 靈媒;通靈人adj. 通靈的;有特異功能的

She is said to have psychic power.

psycho n. 變態;精神病患者

A:  “ The guy is often saying that he used to be a commander-in-chief.”

B:  “Psycho! He has been in the cuckoo house more than a score years.”

psychotherapy n. 心理治療法;精神療法  therapy 治療

Some doctors suggest that the treatment of psychiatric patients should involve psychotherapy rather than drugs.

chemotherapy n. 化學療法 chemo- 化學

Most doctors use chemotherapy to treat and control certain diseases.

zoology n. 動物學

Zoology is the scientific study of the different kinds of animals, and of where and how they live.

astrology n. 占星術;占星學 astr- 星

He loves to look at the stars. Astrology is his particular hobby. 

astronaut n. 太空人 -naut 航行者

An astronaut is a person who travels in spaceship. 

astronomy n. 天文學 -nomy 有系統的知識

Astronomy is the scientific study of the sun, moon, stars, etc.


synonym, acronym, anonymous, pseudonym, antonym, Antarctica, antiseptic, epigraph, epidemic, epicenter

synonym n. 同義字[詞] .  syn (or sym) 相同的 –onym 名

“Sad” and “unhappy” are synonyms.

acronym n.首字母縮略字 . acro- 開始  

Acronym means a word formed from the initial letters of a name, such as OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

anonymous adj. 不具名的;匿名的 .  a(n)- 沒有

The police chief sometimes gets anonymous phone calls.

pseudonym n. 假名;筆名 .  pseudo- 假的

He wrote under a pseudonym.

antonym n. 反義字[詞] .  ant- (anti-) 相反

“Pain” is the antonym of “pleasure”.

Antarctica n. 南極洲 .  Arctic 北極

Antarctica is characterized by extremely low temperatures. 

antiseptic adj. 防腐的、無菌的 n. 防腐劑 .  septic 腐化的

The technician had on an antiseptic white jacket.

epigraph n. 碑文;題詞 .  epi- 在…之上

Wait here while I get a closer look at the epigraph on that statue.

epidemic n. 流行病;傳染病 adj. 流行性的;傳染性的

epi- 在…之中 dem- 人民 (eg. democracy) 

There has been a cholera epidemic in the city.

epicenter n. 震央;中心

The weather bureau said that the epicenter of yesterday’s earthquake was 200 kilometers southeast of Hualian.


pseudoscience, pseudomyopia, pathetic (可悲的), pathology, psychopathy, consciousness, unconscious, subconscious, submarine, marine

pseudoscience n.假科學  pseudo-假

Astronomy is a science, but astrology is generally viewed as a pseudoscience.

pseudomyopia n.假性近視  myopia 近視

Pseudomyopia is temporary nearsightedness.

pathetic adj.可悲的;引起憐憫的  path 感情;痛苦

Seeing the dog hunt for her missing pups was pathetic.

pathology n.病理學

Medical students must study pathology in medical school.

psychopathy n.精神病態  psycho-心的

The term psychopathy often refers to any disease of mind.

consciousness n.知覺;察覺;感覺

con-with    sci-知道 ous 形容詞字尾 ness 名詞字尾

When will she regain consciousness?

unconscious adj.不省人事的;失去知覺的  un-否定字首

He injured his head and was unconscious for one hour.

subconscious adj.潛意識的 n.下意識   sub-在…之下

It is said that one’s dream is concerned with his subconscious. 

submarine n.潛水艇   marine 海

A submarine is a ship designed to operate under the sea.

marine adj.海的  n. 海軍陸戰隊隊員

Seals and whales are marine animals.


mariner, maritime, mariculture, culture, agriculture, subculture, floriculture, aviculture, avian, aviation, aviator

mariner  n.水手;船員;海員 marine 海的

A mariner is a man who serves as a sailor.

maritime  adj.海上的

That country was a great maritime power. 

mariculture  n.海洋生物養殖  cult 耕種

Mariculture is also called ocean farming.

culture  n.文化;教養

James is a man of culture.

agriculture  n.農業;農耕 agri 田地

Agriculture is the science of cultivating land, producing crops, and raising livestock.

subculture  n.亞文化群 sub 在…之下;次

Subculture is a social group within a national culture that has distinctive patterns of behaviors and beliefs. 

floriculture  n.花卉栽培(業);花卉園藝學  flori 花

Over the past decade, floriculture has been one of the fastest growing U.S. agricultural sectors

aviculture  n.養鳥;鳥類飼養  avi 鳥的

Aviculture is related to the raising, the keeping and care of birds.

avian  adj.鳥類的

Avian flu is another name for bird flu or avian influenza.

aviation  n.航空

Aviation refers to flying using aircraft.

aviator  n.飛機駕駛員;飛行員

Aviator is another name for the pilot.


subtitle, subscirbe, script, scripture, describe, transcribe, prescription, postscript, manuscript, circumscribe

subtitle  n.字幕;對白;副標題 sub 在…之下;次   title 標題

This is a French film with English subtitles.

subscribe  v.訂閱;簽署 scribe 寫

I subscribe to one newspaper and two magazines. 

script  n.劇本

The comedian often improvises, using the script only as a reference.

scripture  n.經文

When he needs divine guidance, he turns to a random page of the Bible and follows the scripture.

describe  v.描寫 de- 下 

Because of the transience and changeability of human life, we often describe it as a dream. 

transcribe  v.抄寫;騰寫;改寫 trans- across      transcript 講記

The piano piece was transcribed into a symphony. 

prescription  n.處方;藥方;指示;規定 pre- before 

A doctor writes out a prescription, and the pharmacist fills it.

postscript  n. (信末的)附筆,又及(略作P.S.) post- after 

She added a postscript to her letter.

manuscript  n.手稿 manu 手 manual 

Bill Gates paid several million dollars for a collection of Da Vinci’s manuscripts.

circumscribe  v.限制;在周圍畫線;下定義  circum- around

The rules of the private school circumscribed the daily activities of the students. 


transport, transfer, transform, portable, export, import, predict, prevent, dictator, dictation

transport (v.) 傳送;運輸 trans- across      port- carry

Each week the farmers transport their produce to the markets in the city. 

transfer (n.) (v.)轉移;調動;換車 fer- carry

He has transferred from the warehouse to the QC (Quality Control) department. 

transform (v.) 轉變 form- 形狀

After going on a strict diet, Mary was transformed into a true beauty.

portable (adj.) 可攜帶的

I bought my son a portable computer. 

export (v.) 出口;外銷 ex- out

Taiwan has an export-oriented economy. 

import (v.) 進口 im- in

Taiwan imports most of the crude oil it needs. 

predict (v.) 預言;預測 pre- before    dict- 說

A prophet predicted that there would be an earthquake next year. 

prevent (v.) 禁止;防止 vent- come

Most parents prevent their minor children from smoking. 

dictator (n.) 獨裁者

“Big Brother” is the title of the dictator in George Orwell’s 1984.

dictation (n.) 聽寫

The English teacher gave her students a dictation to test their listening comprehension.


benediction, malediction, contradict, contrary, circumspect, spectator, perspective, prospect, retrospect, suspect 

benediction (n.) 祝福;祝願;(禮拜結束時的)賜福祈禱

bene- 好   dict 說

The priest pronounced a benediction over the couple at the end of marriage ceremony. 

malediction (n.)詛咒;壞話

male- 壞

Malediction is the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil.

contradict (v.)反駁;否認;造成矛盾

contra- 反

Chinese students seldom contradict their teachers.

contrary (n.)反面;相反 & (adj.)反對的;相反的

He isn’t nice; on the contrary, he is pretty mean. 

circumspect (adj.)謹慎的 circum- 四周  spect- 看

Investors have become more circumspect after the recent stock-market crash. 

spectator (n.)觀眾;旁觀者

Professional boxing is a spectator sport. 

perspective (n.)觀點 per- through 

The situation may look less serious if seen from a different perspective. 

prospect (n.)前景;展望 pro- 向前地

There are good prospects fro car sales this year. 

retrospect (n.)回顧  retro- 向後地

In retrospect, it was wrong to abolish the joint entrance examination. 

suspect (n.)嫌犯 & (v.)懷疑  sus = sub- under 

The police suspected that there were accomplices involved in the case. 


contrast, contravene, malfunction, malnutrition, maltreat, 

intervene, prevention, convene, convention, edict

contrast (n.)對比;差異  contra- 相對

The puppy appears small in contrast to its mother.

contravene (v.)違反;違背  vene- come

He ran afoul of the law; this behavior contravenes our law.

malfunction (n.)(v.)故障 . mal- bad    

The plane crash was caused by a malfunctioning engine. 

malnutrition (n.)營養不良  nutrition 營養

Many poor children in Africa suffer from malnutrition. 

maltreat (v.)虐待;苛待;濫用;誤用  treat 對待

This boss maltreats his workers; he is always stepping on others to get ahead.

intervene (v.) 干涉  inter- 在…之間

I don’t like to intervene in disputes between husbands and wives.

prevention (n.) 預防;防止 . pre- before

The serum is the prevention against disease.

convene (v.) 召開;召集  con- together 

The CEO convened a special meeting to discuss labor’s demands.

convention (n.) 大會;習俗

The Republican national convention was held in Houston.

edict (n.) 官方命令;勒令;佈告;命令 . e- out

The king issued an edict forbidding the wearing of swords within the city.


transfuse, transfusion, diffuse, suffuse, transmit, emit, intermittent, permit, submit, submerge

transfuse (v.)輸血;注射;灌輸

trans- across  fuse- pour

The doctor decided to the transfuse the patient after he lost a lot of blood.

transfusion (n.)輸血-ion 名詞字尾

Blood transfusion can be lifesaving therapy for patients with a variety of medical and surgical conditions.

diffuse (v.) 使(熱、氣味等)四散,擴散(氣體等);使滲出;傳播;擴散

di- apart

The ink diffuses into the paper.

suffuse (v.)遍佈…;充滿  sub = suf- under

The light of the setting sun suffused the clouds.

transmit (v.)直播;傳播;傳染 . mit- send 

The World Cup will be transmitted live via satellite.

emit (v.)散發 . e- out

Nearly everything can emit smell, heat, light, or sound. 

intermittent (a.)間歇的;時斷時續的;週期性的

inter- between  -ent 形容詞字尾

There will be intermittent showers throughout the day. 

permit (v.)允許;准許;容許 . per- through

These stores do not permit sales of alcoholic beverages. 

submit (v.)提交;呈遞;使服從;使屈服

He submitted his proposal for urban development to the city council. 

submerge (v.)淹沒;把…浸入水中;覆蓋 . merge- dip 

The sewers were completely blocked, so the entire city was submerged by the ensuing flood.


monologue, monopoly, monotheism, monotony, intonation, monocracy, monogamy, bigamy, polygamy, polygamist

monologue (n.)獨白 . mono- alone  log- speak

The comedian delivered a hilarious monologue to the audience. 

monopoly (n.)壟斷;專賣 . -poly sell

The government holds a monopoly on the sale of tobacco and wine. 

monotheism (n.)一神論;一神教 . the- god  -ism belief

Christianity is monotheism.

monotony (n.)單調;無變化;千篇一律 . tony- tone

Many retired people do voluntary work to relieve the monotony of everyday life.

intonation (n.)音調;語調 . -tion suffix 

Questions are spoken with a rising intonation. 

monocracy (n.)獨裁政治 . cracy- rule

A country ruled by only one person is a monocracy. 

monogamy (n.)一夫一妻制   gam- marriage

Monogamy is practiced in most countries today. 

bigamy (n.)重婚  bi- two

Bigamy is against the law in our country.

polygamy (n.)一夫多妻制 . poly- many

The American Mormons used to practice polygamy.

polygamist (n.)一夫多妻論者;一妻多夫論者-ist suffix

Some people think being a polygamist is a blessing. 


eject, inject, injection, dejected, object (v), project (v. n.) projector, reject, subject (v), trajectory

eject (v.)驅逐;趕出;彈出  e- out   ject- throw

I banged on the vending machine and it suddenly ejected a handful of coins.

inject (v.)注射;注入

Some drug addicts inject heroin into their systems.

injection (n.)注射;注射液

As soon as the patient arrived at the emergency room, a doctor gave him injection. 

dejected (n.) 沮喪的,情緒低落的 . de- down

He was dejected to learn that he had failed the examination.

object (n.)目標;物品 (v.)反對 . ob- against

My object for the time being is to attend Harvard University. 

project (v.)突出;預估;投射(光線等);映 (n.)計劃;企劃

pro- forward

The balcony projects out over the street. 

projector (n.) 投影機

A projector is a machine for projecting an image onto a screen 

reject (v.)拒絕 . re- back

The student applied for admission to five graduate schools and was rejected by four.

subject (n.)主題;科目(a.)易受….的  (v.) 使服從

sub- under

Because of the typhoon, all flights are subject to delay. 

trajectory (n.)軌道;彈道

tra- across

A trajectory is the curved path of an object fired or thrown through the air.


asterisk, asteroid, disaster, audible, audience, auditorium, audio-visual, capital, captain, decapitate    

asterisk (n.)星標;星狀物 (v.)加上星號

aster- star    astrology astronomy 

Asterisk is a star-shaped figure (*) referring to a footnote*. 

asteroid (n.)小行星

Hundreds of thousands of asteroids have been discovered within the solar system.

disaster (n.)災難;大失敗

During the past five years, Taiwan has experienced many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons. 

audible (a.)聽得見的;聽得到的  audio- hear

His voice is barely audile above the noise of the machinery.

audience (n.)聽眾;觀眾

This show was so exciting that drew a large audience.   

auditorium (n.)禮堂  -ium 表地點的名詞字尾 

The auditorium can hold one thousand people.

audio-visual (a.)視聽教學的

The school’s audio-visual equipment includes video and cassettes.

capital (n.) ( a.) 首都;資本;本錢;大寫字母;資本家  cap- head 

The corporation has enough capital to build another factory.

captain (n.) (運動隊的)隊長;領隊; (團體的)首領 (v.) 擔任隊長,統帥,指揮

He will captain the basketball team next season.

decapitate (v.) 斬首;解雇;(軍事上)發動攻擊破壞(戰事電腦主控系統)

de- off   ate- 動詞字尾

Beijing could use its weapons to try to decapitate Taiwan's military and political leadership and break its will before the US or other nations can intervene.


secede, seclude, seclusion, secrete, seduce, segregate, select, separate, sever, include, exclude

secede (v.)脫離   se- apart, away  cede- go

The South seceded from the Union upon Lincoln’s election to the presidency. 

seclude(v.)使孤立;使隔離;使隱居  clude- shut

The rich secluded themselves from contact with the poor. 

seclusion (n.)隔絕;隱居;隱蔽的地方;僻靜之地  -sion 名詞字尾 suffix

He now lives in seclusion. 

secrete (v.) 1. 隱藏,藏匿 2. 【生理】分泌   crete- separate

Tears are secreted by an organ under the upper eyelid. 

seduce (v.)引誘;誘使墮落(或犯罪)  duce- lead

He was seduced into leaving the company by the offer of higher pay elsewhere.

segregate (v.)隔離;在...實行種族隔離  gre- flock  -ate 動詞字尾

American Blacks used to be segregated from whites in school. 

select (v.)選擇  lect- choose

It’s hard for me to select the right person for this position. 

separate (v.)分離 (a.)分別的;分隔的

The Atlantic Ocean separates America from Europe. Pacific 

sever (v.) 切斷

His arm was severed from the body in the accident. 

include (v.)包括;包含

The price includes both house and furniture. 

exclude (v.)把...排除在外;不包括

People under 18 are excluded from entering pubs.


precede, recede, precedent, unprecedented, retrocede, retrocession, retrospect, election, intellect, intellectual

precede (v.)在前;居先  pre- before  cede-go

The flash of lightning preceded the sound of thunder by two seconds. 

recede (v.)後退;退出  re- back

His hair has receded since I last saw him.

precedent (n.)先例

The September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center set a horrible precedent. 

unprecedented (a.)史無前例的

Under a booming economy, the Dow Jones industrial index is heading for unprecedented highs. 

retrocede (v.)交還  retro- backwards

The British colony of Hong Kong is retroceded to China in 1997.

retrocession (n.)交還;後退  -sion 名詞字尾

After retrocession, Taiwan's economy grew with unprecedented speed and the people's standard of living, compared with that during the colonial period, changed enormously for the better.

retrospect (n.)(v.) 回顧,回想;追溯  spect- look

My school life seems happier in retrospect than it seemed at the time.

election (n.)選舉  lect- choose

After he lost the election, David lived a secluded life. 

intellect (n.) 智力;理解力;非凡的才智;才華出眾的人  

intel = inter- between

He is a man of great intellect. 

intellectual (a.) 智力的;理智的;需智力的 (n.) 知識分子;有很高智力的人

Chess is a highly intellectual game. 


eugenics, eulogy, euphemism, euphony, euphoria, euthanasia, Eutopia, generate, generator, genetics

eugenics(n.)優生學  eu- well  gen- bear  -ics 表學問的字尾

I’m not a believer of eugenics, but I do think that healthy parents beget healthy babies. 

eulogy(n.)正式的讚詞   log- speak

He gave a moving eulogy at the funeral of his friend. 

euphemism(n.)婉轉的説法;委婉(語)詞   phem- speak  -ism 名詞字尾

She spoke in euphemisms, talking of passing on rather than dying, and of depressed areas rather than slums.

euphony(n.) 聲音的和諧;諧音;悅耳的聲音  phony- sound

Euphony refers to any agreeable, pleasing or harmonious sounds. 

euphoria(n.)極度愉快的心情  phor- bear  -ia 表病理情況的字尾

They were in a state of euphoria after the baby was born. 

euthanasia(n.)安樂死  thanas-die  -ia表病理情況的字尾

Putting euthanasia on animals or human beings is still controversial.  

generate(v.)產生;造成;引起  gener- produce, race

The accident generated a lot of public concern about workplace safety.


The coal-powered generator has broken down. 


He majored in genetics in graduate school.

genealogy (n.) 宗譜  logy- study

The lesson will show you how to create your own genealogy blog.


disable, disadvantage, disagree, disapprove, discord, disband, discourage, altar, altitude, exalt

disable (v.) 使殘廢;使無能力disabled(a.)殘障的;殘廢的

He was disabled after a car crash. 

disadvantage (n.)不利;缺點

There was an intense argument on the advantages and disadvantages of co-education during the school meeting this morning.

disagree (v.)不同意;意見不一致

Barbarians resort to violence when they disagree with one another.

disapprove (v.)不准許;反對;駁回

The legislature disapproved the budget which the Ministry of National Defense proposed. 

discord (v.)(n.)不協調;不一致

A great deal of discord has arisen in the university over this question.

disband (v.)解散;遣散

The army was disbanded when the war ended.

discourage (v.)使沮喪;使打消念頭

My parents discouraged me from studying abroad upon graduating from college.

altar (n.)祭壇;供壇 

Altars are usually found in shrines, temples, and other sacred places.

altitude (n.)高度;海拔;高處;高地

The plane flew at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

exalt (v.) 提升;提拔;提高(榮譽,品質等)讚揚

The retiring professor was exalted by his colleagues.


accord, according, core, cordial, record, corps, corpse, corporal, corporation, incorporate

accord (v.)一致;相同 (n.)一致;符合

His actions accord with his words.

according (adv.)按照;根據

The salary will be fixed according to age and experience.


Peel and core the apples.

cordial (n.)熱誠的;衷心的

A cordial smile or a cordial welcome makes all the visitors feel at home.

record (v.)記錄;錄音 (n.)唱片;紀錄

The pupils observed and recorded the growing process of caterpillars during the summer vacation.

corps (n.) (醫務,通訊,等兵種的)部隊;(經專門訓練或有特種使命的)隊;兵團

My brother once severed in the marine corps. 

corpse (n.)屍體

The soldiers are burying the corpse. 

corporal (a.)身體的

In Taiwan, corporal punishment used to be very common in all level of school. 

corporation (n.)公司

I run a multinational corporation. 

incorporate (v.)合併;納入;組成公司;混合

The designer incorporated many environmentally- friendly features into the new building. 


circumstance, circumspect, circumnavigate, circumvent, circumlocution, forearm, forebear, forefinger, foreman, foresee, forehead 

circumstance (n.)環境;情況  circum- around  stan- stand

Under extreme circumstances, some animals can survive for over a week on nothing but water.

circumspect (a.)謹慎的 . spect- look

I am surprised he got married in such a hurry because he is usually pretty circumspect. 

circumnavigate (n.)環繞一周 . navigate- sail

Magellan led the first ship that circumnavigated the globe.

circumvent (v.)繞過;巧妙地規避 . vent- come

The company opened an office abroad in order to circumvent the tax laws.

circumlocution (n.)囉唆;閃爍其詞;遁辭 . locu- speak

There is a heavy dose of circumlocution in the writing.

forearm (n.)前臂   fore- before

He had a tattoo on his forearm.

forebear (n.)祖先(常用複數) . bear- give birth to 

Our forebears left us with many charming folk tales.

forefinger (n.)食指

She pointed out the route on the map with her forefinger.

foreman (n.)工頭;領班;陪審團主席

The foreman swore at one of the workers. Swear 

foresee (v.)預見;預知

Nobody could have foreseen the result of the election.

forehead (n.)額頭

He has a broad and wrinkled forehead.