Book 8 (71-80)

第71集 大新國小的中廊 (Hallway at Dasin)

1. Hello, we are on the hallway at Dasin Elementary School.


2. Behind me, along this wall is a display case. 


3. Well, they have information concerning health education, classes,  English classes and lessons that are available.


4. Books and various other things that the school has.


5. Now, students can come here and they can look at this if there’s  information they want.


6. They can find it here.


7. If new information comes in, this display case has a sliding glass front.


8. You open it, if more new information comes, put in the new items.


9. And then you can close it and that way the weather and the wind doesn’t  get at it.


10. And you can update it as you want. 


第72集 手錶 (Wrist Watch)

1. Wrist watch, this is a wrist watch. It tells time.


2. To take the wrist watch off, you open it up.


3. Take it off.


4. Put it on, put it over your hand.


5. Put it back on. 


6. Wrist watch tells time.


7. So you know what time it is.


8. If you look at the dial which is the round part of the wrist watch and the inside with numbers is called the face.

   若你看到這手錶上圓形的部份,這是錶盤,而裡面有數字的地方叫做錶 面。

9. You will see three hands.


10. This hand is the hour hand, the long hand is the minute hand, the one  that moves the fastest is the second hand.


11. Some watches on this side would have a window that tells you the day and the date.


12. People don’t wear these as much now as it used to.


13. A thing called the cell phone took its place.


第73集 打火機 (Lighter)

第74集 沙發 (Sofa)

第75集 門鎖 (Lock)

第76集 電源插座 (Outlet)

第77集 電視 (TV)

第78集 冰箱 (Refrigerator)

第79集 吊扇 (Ceiling Fan)

第80集 碎紙機 (Shredder)