Book 1 (1-10)

第1集 飲水機 (Drinking Fountain)

1. You can use the drinking fountain to get a drink of hot water or cold water. 


2. If you want cold water, put your cup here. 


3. Push the blue button. 


4. If you want hot water, place the cup here. 


5. Push the red button. 


第2集 優碘 (Iodine)

1. iodine 


2. If you get cut or scraped, you put this on, so you will not get infection. 


3. If you put this on a cut, it does not feel good. 


4. I had this on me all the time when I was a child. 


5. I know this well. 


6. I don’t like it. 


第3集 鑷子 (Tweezer)

1. This is a medical tool. 


2. We call it a tweezer. 


3. In the tweezer, I am holding a cotton ball. 


4. If you have a cut or scrape, they use this and the tweezers to clean the infected site. 


第4集 桌球 (Ping-Pong)

1. We are in the room where they practice playing ping-pong. 


2. Some of the equipment in this room:ping-pong paddle, the table, the net on the table. 


3. There is a backstop for catching the balls. 


4. Over here is a machine that throws balls. 


第5集 洗手 (Washing Hands)

1. Turn on the faucet.


2. Rinse your hands. Get them wet.


3. Take a bar of soap.


4. Get it in your hands.


5. Wash your hands. Scrub them well.


6. When you're done scrubbing, rinse off your hands.


7. Rinse off the faucet, so there is no soap on the faucet.


8. Shut the faucet off.


9. Shake your hands.


10. Take a towel.


11. Dry your hands off.


12. My hands are clean.


第6集 公共電話 (Pay Phone)

1. This is a pay phone.


2. If you’re outside, and you don’t have a cell phone.


3. And you need to make a phone call.


4. You can use a pay phone to make the call.


5. Pick the telephone.


6. Place a coin in the slot.


7. Dial the number. Talk.


8. When you’re done the talking, hang up the phone.


第7集 鏡子 (Mirror)

1. The object behind me is a mirror.


2. Everyone uses a mirror. 


3. You use it in the morning, when you wash your face and brush your teeth. 


4. If you’re a man like me, you also use it when you’re shaving. 


5. It’s used to check your personal grooming. 


6. Is your hair combed right? 


7. If you’re a woman, is your hair nice? 


8. Is your make-up done properly? 


9. Also, check out how well your clothes fit. 


10. Everyone uses a mirror.  


第8集 賽跑開始前喊的口令 (Starting Commands)

1. At a sporting event in America, for grade school and junior high students when they wish  to start the athletes in a sporting event, they would say ready, set, go.


2. At go, the athletes run.


3. At a formal event, high school, college or professional they would start the contestants by  saying on your mark, get set and then they would fire a pistol.


4. That would be your turn to go.


第9集 包粽子 (Making Rice Dumpling)

1. The principal here at Dashin Elementary School is going to show how to make a rice dumpling.


2. Start out with two bamboo leaves. Fold it in half. Bend it. Make a pocket.


3. You now have a pocket to put the ingredients in.


4. You take this rice and peanut mixture,which is sweet rice and fill about half of the pocket with rice mixture.


5. You then have a mixture of pork, dried shrimp, mushrooms.


6. You put a small spoon full of that on top of the rice.


7. Pack it down a little bit.


8. And then,the fourth step.


9. A little more rice on top of that. Spoon it down. You then bend in the sides. Fold it over the top.


10. Last step will be to tie it up.


11. It looks easy. When you do it, it’s not.


12. Looks like this you’re done. That’s better than the one that I did.


13. When you tie it up, make two wraps around the dumpling.


14. Pull it tight and they’ll tie a slip knot with the end sticking out, so when you want to eat it, you simply pull the string to untie it.


15. And now you have a completed rice dumpling.


第10集 無障礙坡道 (Wheelchair Ramp)

1. This is a wheelchair ramp. 


2. In our country, we call it a handicap ramp. 


3. It’s for people that are on a wheelchair or using crutches and have a hard time walking, so they can get upstairs.