"Books for Taiwan" project was initiated in April 2012 by Mrs. Amy Lin. It involves the efforts of American volunteers, mostly young professionals or students, to contribute love and care to Taiwan. The project collects English-language books, mostly from American libraries, including children's books, books for young adults, general hardcover books, cookbooks, and CDs/DVDs. 

The collected books are donated to schools, libraries, and prisons in Taiwan, with the hope of helping Taiwanese students at least see English and gradually become interested and fond of it, and also to encourage future chefs in cooking schools to make authentic Western dishes. The project aims to convey warmth and optimism to the recipients and make them feel the love and concern from afar."

送書到台灣“專案是在2012年4月,由Amy Lin女士發起。整合美國志工的力量,為台灣貢獻愛心,美國志工成員99%是年輕專業人士或學生。專門收集英文書籍,99%來自美國圖書館,不論新舊書籍,有童書、青少年、綜合精裝本大人書、食譜和CD/DVD。