Book 10 (91-100)

第91集 腳踏車停車棚 (Bike Parking Area)

第92集 體操 (Calisthenics)

第93集 壁畫 (Mural)

第93集 壁畫 (Mural)

1. Here at Beidou Junior High School, they have a outdoor stage.


  • outdoor (adj.) 戶外的
  • stage (n.) 舞台

2. Currently I’m standing at the rear of the outdoor stage.


  • currently (adv.) 現在
  • stand (v.) 站立
  • rear (n.) 後面

3. And as we can see, there is a mural behind me.


  • mural (n.) 壁畫
  • behind (prep.) 在後面

4. This mural is made up of small little tiles.


  • make up of (ph.) 以…組成的
  • tile (n.) 瓷磚

5. Each tile is individually placed to make a picture.


  • individually (adv.) 分別地
  • place (v.) 放置

6. This picture is of an outdoor scene.


  • scene (n.) 景色

7. There is the sun, some trees, some children and even their dog, outside enjoying the day.

有太陽、一些樹、 一些小孩以及他們的狗,在戶外享受他們的生活。

  • sun (n.) 太陽
  • tree (n.) 樹
  • children (n.) 孩子們
  • outside (adv.) 外面

8. The purpose of this mural was sheerly aesthetics.


  • sheerly (adv.) 全然地
  • aesthetics (n.) 美學

9. It is meant to look good and it does.


  • mean (v.) 用意

第94集 運動場 (Sporting Area)

第95集 拔河 (Tug-of-War)

第96集 庭園水景 (Water Feature)

第97集 傳達室 (Security Gate)

第98集 涼亭 (Gazebo)

第99集 超級市場 (Supermarket)

第100集 廚房 (Kitchen)