Book 10 (91-100)

第91集 腳踏車停車棚 (Bike Parking Area)

第92集 體操 (Calisthenics)

第93集 壁畫 (Mural)

第93集 壁畫 (Mural)

1. Here at Beidou Junior High School, they have a outdoor stage. 


2. Currently I’m standing at the rear of the outdoor stage. 


3. And as we can see, there is a mural behind me. 


4. This mural is made up of small little tiles. 


5. Each tile is individually placed to make a picture. 


6. This picture is of an outdoor scene.


7. There is the sun, some trees, some children and even their dog, outside enjoying the day. 

   有太陽、一些樹、 一些小孩以及他們的狗,在戶外享受他們的生活。 

8. The purpose of this mural was sheerly aesthetics. 


9. It is meant to look good and it does. 


第94集 運動場 (Sporting Area)

第95集 拔河 (Tug-of-War)

第96集 庭園水景 (Water Feature)

第97集 傳達室 (Security Gate)

第98集 涼亭 (Gazebo)

第99集 超級市場 (Supermarket)

第100集 廚房 (Kitchen)