No. 31


1. I would tell him that it was for the best. Then I would say that he would get over it in time. He just needs to be patient.


2. I’m not the best person to give advice on relationships. I’d probably tell him to just move on and forget about her.


3. I would tell her that she was better off without him. That they were not right for each other. She’ll find “Mr. Right” someday.


4. Honestly, I wouldn’t say anything. I would just talk about something else to help him get his mind off of it. That would be the best thing to do in my opinion.


5. I would simply remind her of how wonderful she was and that no boy was good enough for her anyway. Then I’d take her out for ice-cream. 


No. 32


1. I didn’t have a proper breakfast. I just grabbed a cereal bar on the way out the door. Normally, I would make myself breakfast, but today I was in a hurry.


2. Yes, I stopped by a breakfast shop and ate. My mother usually makes me breakfast, but she left for work early today.


3. I bought a sandwich at a convenience store for breakfast. I do this most days because it is faster than making my own breakfast.


4. I was too nervous to eat anything for breakfast. Usually, I make myself a bowl of oatmeal to start off the day right. 


5. Of course, I always make time for breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. My grandmother gets it ready for me.


No. 33


1. It would be awesome to be a famous actor. I love the spotlight. I would get all the attention I wanted.


2. I wouldn’t want to be famous. Celebrities never get any privacy. The media follows them around like flies.


3. Sure, why not? With fame comes fortune and power. And I could use my fame to raise awareness about issues like saving the planet.


4. I’m quite shy, so I don’t know if I could handle the pressure of being famous. I would probably go crazy and end up on the front page of the news.


5. Who wouldn’t want to be a famous actor? You get millions of dollars to work whenever you feel like it. Then the rest of the time, your life is like one big vacation. 


No. 34


1. Definitely not. The streets here can be very dangerous. There are a lot of crazy drivers who don’t follow the traffic laws.


2. Personally, I think it would be alright, as long as they were experienced drivers. I could give them a few tips to help them out.


3. It would depend where they came from. If it was someone from a busy city, they would probably be fine driving here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t suggest it.


4. I would tell them about how bad the traffic can be here and let them make up their own mind. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.


5. I think it would be okay to drive here, but they would have to be cautious and stay away from congested areas. But, that’s just my opinion. 


No. 35


1. We usually sit around the dinner table and chat. We talk about what we did that day and discuss our plans for the next day.


2. After dinner, my mom cleans up the table and washes the dishes. The rest of us head to the living room and watch TV.


3. I usually hit the books after dinner and finish up all my homework. Mom and dad always go for a walk around the neighborhood.


4. Most of the time, we relax in the living room and watch the news. After the news, I help my mom clean up the kitchen while my father takes a nap.


5. More often than not, we all find a comfortable spot and relax for a while. Then my brother and I go out and shoot hoops for exercise. 


No. 36


1. Relieved. There is no better feeling that I can think of. It is like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders.


2. I don’t really feel any different. I expect to pass all my tests. I would be more surprised if I didn’t pass.


3. I usually feel quite proud of myself. It is very rewarding when all your hard work pays off.


4. I get very excited whenever I pass a test. Then I can’t wait to get home and tell my parents the good news.


5. It fills me with joy when I pass an exam. It’s the kind of feeling that makes my day.


No. 37


1. Last night, I didn’t go to bed until 1 am, but this was an exception. Normally, I would go to bed around 11 or so.


2. I went to bed right around 11:30 which is the usual time for me. I don’t like staying up much later or I will be grumpy the next day.


3. I think it was about 9 when I went to bed. I don’t normally go to bed so early, but I was feeling under the weather for some reason.


4. I was up late studying for this test last night. I didn’t get to bed until midnight. As a rule, I am usually in bed by 10.


5. I don’t know what time it was. I don’t have a set bedtime. I just go to bed when I feel like it. 


No. 38


1. Chicken fried rice is my favorite. I eat it as often as I can. It is great with a little hot sauce on it.


2. I would have to say steak. There is nothing like a big juicy steak to fill you up. I don’t eat it very often though because it somewhat expensive.


3. I love spaghetti and meatballs with lots of cheese on it. I eat it at least once a week if I can.


4. Sushi is by far my favorite food. There is a place near my home that makes it. I go there several times a week.


5. Nothing beats a nice, hot bowl of beef noodle soup. It is especially good on a cold winter‘s day. I have it at about once a week. 


No. 39


1. I have only done it once. My mother forgot to wake me up before she went to work. I actually missed 2 classes because of it.


2. No, I have never overslept. I am always on time for class. My father would kill me if I missed a class.


3. Yes, I have overslept a few times. Each time I did it was because I forgot to set my alarm clock before going to bed.


4. No, I haven’t. My father would never let that happen. He makes sure that I am up in plenty of time to get ready for school every morning.


5. I overslept and missed my first class yesterday in fact. I was up late the night before playing video games. I guess I didn’t hear my alarm go off.


No. 40 


1. I would say “congratulations” to someone who has got engaged or has had a baby.


2. I would congratulate someone if they got an award or passed a big exam.


3. I would congratulate someone who has just got married or has graduated from high school. People traditionally give congratulations at these times.


4. I always say “congratulations” when a friend gets the highest mark on a test. I think they deserve it.


5. I like to say “congratulations” when my friends do well at a competition. I think it makes them feel even better about themselves.