CD盒 (CD Case)

posted Oct 1, 2013, 5:11 AM by Luke Lin   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 5:11 AM by 人師教育協會 ]

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1. This is a CD case or CD binder.
  • case (n.) 盒
  • binder (n.) 活頁夾

2. If look inside, there are rings.

  • ring (n.) 環

3. These rings will bind a CD cover or sleeve into the binder for safekeeping.
  • cover (n.) 套子
  • sleeve (n.) 唱片套子
  • safekeeping (n.) 妥善保管

4. A CD sleeve or case is meant to protect CD’s from being scratched.

  • mean (v.) 指定; 預定
  • protect (v.) 保護
  • scratch (v.) 刮

5. So once you slip a CD into its case, it’s secure and don’t move and can not be scratched from the outside.

    所以一旦你把CD裝進套子裡,它是安全、不會移動的,而且不會被外物       刮傷。
  • secure (adj.) 安全的
  • move (v.) 移動


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